Are You Ready?

Value-Based Care is the new paradigm. Reconfiguring existing EHR operating systems to address interoperability and the reporting demands of Value-Based Care will not work, since longitudinal patient—entered data is required which draws from many sources across multiple settings. Axiom's functionality was designed specifically to operate in a Value-Based Care environment. With our roots firmly planted in the field of behavioral health, we are in a unique position to help your organization make the transition to VBC.

The Road to Success

  • Define activity-based costs – Providers should examine and evaluate activity-based costs which cover the amount of time to deliver a service, who's delivering it, and also consider overhead and indirect costs as well. This is a good time to eliminate waste by streamlining organizational services and structure.
  • Provide a proven continuum of services to demonstrate patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes and improved costs.
  • Track quality measures and achieve good clinical outcomes – Payers need to see evidence of consistent outcomes and predictable costs associated with those outcomes.
  • Explore variations in cost and quality – This will serve to strengthen the bottom line.
  • Gain new value-based arrangements – With a proven track record of success, develop business proposals and be prepared to market these services to payers.
  • Invest in the appropriate technology – Technology infrastructure should be capable of collecting, reporting and analyzing patient population quality and financial performance data. This requires a solution designed to keep up with the demands of a value-based market.