It has been an exciting year for HiMS. We’ve been steadily expanding our product offerings, and we’re excited to announce that our hard work is being noticed here in Arizona.

One such example is having just been named “Technology Firm of the Year” by the Minority and Small Business Alliance of Southern Arizona.

We were chosen for our leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) software innovation that’s designed to help behavioral health professionals provide top-quality care. Because we’re driven by the persistent desire to help providers nurture their patients, we’re continually innovating new ways to make our software great. We do this through our bi-weekly software updates, intuitive form-building feature and user-friendly interface. We’re also planning on unveiling some transformative new enhancements soon, so make sure to stay tuned for some exciting announcements.

On top of being an innovator, we were selected because we know how to treat our employees right. Any worthwhile organization knows the true value of its business lies within the talent and determination of its employees, and HiMS is no exception. That’s why we were so thrilled when the Alliance recognized the superiority of our employee benefits package. We’re constantly striving to go above and beyond for our employees, and we make sure it shows.

Committee judges took several aspects of a business owner’s story into consideration, including business performance, growth, economic impact and the challenges and adversities that nominees have overcome on their roads to success. We attribute our success in these areas largely to our “open and honest” conversation philosophy. At HiMS, we feel that when employees are encouraged to engage in meaningful dialogue, the foundation for innovation potential becomes stronger.

In addition to “Technology Firm of the Year,” the Alliance also recognized outstanding companies in the construction, retail, service and supplier fields. HiMS constantly strives for excellence, and it’s a pleasure to be included amongst a mix of top companies in Southern Arizona. HiMS and other award recipients will be celebrated at an awards dinner at Casino Del Sol Resort in Tucson, Arizona on September 26. Come stop by—we would love to see you there!

If you want to learn more about HiMS and why our company was named the “Technology Firm of the Year”– contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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