The AI Difference for RCM

As a provider, your primary focus is delivering high quality care. Don’t let the administrative workload get in your way. Axiom’s extensive list of RCM solutions can help free up valuable time to focus on patients, not payments.


Manage collection performance

Axiom can enable you to manage/prevent denials, reduce the cost to collect on claims and have more efficient prior authorization procedures. Gaps in revenue cycles can now be minimized via AI and operational efficiencies are optimized for peak RCM performance. Axiom leverages the power of AI to provide actionable data insights and reduce errors within the revenue cycle, leading to fewer wrongful claims and denials.

Lower cost

  • Preauthorized claims
  • Faster prior authorizations
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Fewer FTEs needed to process claims and prior authorizations

Reduced risk

  • Identifying undercoding
  • Lower patient turnover by reducing negative financial experiences leading to patients changing providers
  • Predicting risk and cost stratification

Enhanced operations

  • Expedited collections
  • Machine learning algorithms determine billing and adjudication confidence levels and predict denials
  • Adapting to high speed daily changes in the revenue cycle
  • Workflow automation

Many providers’ needs are not being met by their current vendor for denials management, contract management and support, and value-based reimbursements. These top three issues are addressed with Axiom for RCM. Our providers get paid faster due to our automated workflows enabling the capture, analysis and organization of highly detailed claim and remittance data.

Axiom’s contract management feature can help eliminate underpayments and identify discrepancies and payment variances. Value-based reimbursements depend upon a team-oriented approach to patient care involving the responsible sharing of patient data so care is coordinated. Axiom’s use of AI and NLP to optimize coding is assisting our providers to positively influence their patients’ health.


Leverage Technology for Reimbursement Success

Enhance Staff Productivity
Lower Denials Rate

When claims are denied and not resubmitted in a timely manner or still contain incorrect information, the cost to providers is high. Does this represent your organization? (Source: Change Healthcare)



of all claims are denied.



per claim for rework and resubmission (in a single event.)



Cost per physician per year in time spent interacting with payors.