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Transform your integrated health care practice – one end-user at a time. Packed with integrated features, our AI-enabled integrated health care EHR software will enable you to be more productive and profitable while helping achieve better patient outcomes. Explore Axiom’s revenue cycle management, telehealth and patient portal capabilities that create even greater efficiencies.

Axiom EHR

An EHR system built for you

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Rapid Response Center

Flexible and resourceful

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Revenue Cycle Management

The AI difference for RCM

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Innovative technology

Transform your integrated health care practice – one user at a time. Axiom’s progress note-centric design creates greater efficiencies. Avoid undercoding with our intuitive coding recommendation feature. Monitor monthly stats with integrated clinical decision support tools and analytics. 

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Transforming integrated healthcare

We are strategic-minded group of software experts who are passionate about harnessing the power of technology to create value-based care tools for integrated health care providers.

We see problems as solutions waiting to happen, and the issues we solve with our innovative approaches to product development makes the delivery of health care for our customers nothing short of extraordinary.

Everybody in the Behavioral Health world wants accurate data, and with Axiom evolving from just a behavioral health system, and now adding the medical side, it is super important for clinicians to have that access to real data that they can utilize. Axiom EHR has been very very beneficial to our staff at COPE.

Rod Cook

Chief Executive Officer, Cope Community Services