Revenue Cycle

Transforming the integrated health care experience one user at a time.

Revenue Cycle Management

Efficient processing = Accelerated access to funds


  • Claim Outcome Status: Claim submission status across all billable payors
  • A/R Aging: Receivables information by payor, facility and procedure
  • Charges, Payments and Adjustments: Supporting financial reports for reconciling receivable balances across payors and service categories
  • Payor Reporting: Payor-specific adjudication and reconciliation
  • Additional Reports: Reporting customized to your business needs

* available in detailed and summarized formats

RCM Services

  • Claims processing and adjudication by our experienced billing staff
  • Proficiency across a wide range of services with our CPC-certified staff
  • Well-defined collection, adjudication and reconciliation procedures to maximize revenue

Transforming the integrated health care experience one user at a time.


Efficient Service:

Billing and adjudication based on your daily, weekly or monthly criteria.

Automated Services:

Automated generation of claim files as well as automated processing of response files.

RCM Dashboard:

Configurable dashboard for RCM data.

Up-to-date Information:

Staying up-to-date with billing and collection rules and regulations.

Eligibility Verification:

Access to real-time patient eligibility information.

Electronic, Paper and Invoice Billing:

Based on funding source and billing requirements.

Data Warehouse Capabilities:

Available upon request.

Use of AI:

Machine learning algorithm to determine billing and adjudication confidence level.

Integration with Clearinghouses:

Established connections to major clearinghouses for easy data transfer.

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