The COVID-19 crisis is teaching the health care industry an important lesson about flexibility. Hospitals are experiencing a record influx of patients, and they’re scrambling to open temporary clinics as a result. In addition, behavioral health care practices are trying to help their patients cope with the additional stress, but need to quickly ramp up telehealth services. With all things considered, the success or failure of an integrated healthcare practice in adapting to this shift often comes down to one thing: its EHR.

Here at HiMS, we’ve talked a lot about the importance of flexibility when it comes to your EHR, and the COVID-19 pandemic is illuminating the importance of being able to quickly modify existing technology. It’s absolutely essential for a practice to address changes in patient demand, and we’re seeing this reality at every stage of COVID-19. Although legacy EHRs might be slow to adjust, HiMS is helping lead a Rapid Response movement. We’re hitting the ground running and working tirelessly to address our customers’ changing needs.

Customization as You Need it

One of the ways we’ve been doing this is by helping practices implement our Axiom EHR software and custom IT offerings in less than 48 hours, including hardware, platform support and remote development. HiMS can quickly assess any clinic’s hardware weak points and implement remote work facilities faster than anyone else. For example, temporary health care spaces need access to technology, but they don’t have the ability to transport Computers on Wheels (COWs). These can be extremely expensive, and they typically can’t adapt to these new spaces. To address these challenges for a customer in behavioral health, HiMS delivered 30 laptops in less than 48 hours that were immediately set up to allow the practice to operate with increased mobility.

NuTech IT Services by HiMS

The HiMS NuTech Solutions team can examine your clinic’s IT goals to uncover which technologies will lead to increased profitability. We’ll audit your current IT environment to determine the most advantageous functionality, then recommend cost-effective hardware and software fixes. Additionally, all of our solutions are hardware agnostic, flexible and scalable, allowing us to provide the same caliber of service to a one-person therapist or a thousand-person health care group.

EHR + RCM = Improved Bottom Line

Another way we help customers respond to overnight demands is by addressing shortcomings in their Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution. It’s extremely common for practices to operate with as many as three RCM software platforms at one time, leading to confusion, headaches and lost revenue. We simplify the process by integrating our Axiom RCM feature with the clinic’s existing EHR. Because Axiom is flexible and interoperable, we’re able to do this quickly with no disruption. And this remains true whether your clinic is processing a hundred claims or a million—volume makes no difference when it comes to our advanced AI-powered approach.

Does your practice need a Rapid Response solution to adapt to COVID-19? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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