In part 1 of the Interoperability in Health Care, we explored what the word interoperability means and how it can benefit your clinic, including better patient understanding, stronger revenue cycle management, and faster response time to changing health care needs. 

In part 2, we’ll look at how interoperable systems improve patient care and an HiMS solution for you to consider implementing in your clinic. 

According to EHRIntelligence, ONC’s Health Information Technology Advisory Committee held a panel hearing to examine interoperability and public health data system performance during Covid-19. Their findings highlighted gaps in these systems that lead to a poor emergency response. 

The article quotes Mark McClellan, MD, PhD, of the Duke Robert J. Margolis Center for Health Policy, saying, “To close these interoperability gaps, the industry must build systems that can be ramped up to seamlessly meet the needs of a public health emergency.”

One such solution is AXiOM, an Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform offered by HiMS with an intuitive coding recommendation feature that supports the exchange of clinical information across different care settings, or interoperability. AXiOM transforms the integrated health care practice by allowing practitioners the ability to parse and organize data. 

This leads to a multitude of improvements, including: 

  • Identifying care trends
  • Assessing costs and benefits associated with value-based payments
  • Tracking KPI’s 
  • Identifying patients not adhering to screenings
  • Identifying readmission risks
  • Accessible patient scores, updates and intervention alerts
  • Initiating preventative care outreach when needed

AXiOM also allows providers to stay in touch with patients, even those who are at risk of being “no-shows.” The breakthrough innovation enables providers to:

  • Send texts and emails to patients directly from AXiOM
  • Communicate internationally via WhatsApp
  • Use the chatbot to answer simple questions and increase customer engagement
  • Review recent conversations with patients
  • Coordinate care across multiple clinic locations
  • Improve continuity of care 
  • Harness the power of AI to see what patients are asking for the most

To learn more about AXiOM and other HiMS solutions to transform your clinic and increase provider and patient satisfaction, visit our Solutions page.