PHOENIX, May 7, 2020 – Electronic Health Records (EHR) software leader Health Information Management Systems (HiMS) today announced the addition of a real-time audio and video telehealth solution to its existing AXiOM EHR platform.

The platform-agnostic solution transforms the way patients and providers connect by offering immediate access, ease-of-use and outcomes-based interventions for chronic conditions and psychotherapy needs.

“The biggest benefits of utilizing virtual health for treatment are real-time communication and the ability for remote monitoring of chronic conditions,” said Khalid Al-Maskari, CEO, HiMS. “Many integrated health care patients have co-occurring health conditions, and improvements in outcomes such as the reduction in hospital visits, patient quality of life and mortality rates have been shown in studies examining the benefits of telehealth. With AXiOM, users now have that power to provide world-class care to their patients virtually anywhere.”

AXiOM virtual care will provide the seamless integration of both telehealth and messaging capabilities in a user-friendly interface while removing existing barriers to treatment. Integrated health care professionals can now respond faster to health challenges by providing personalized care while ensuring immediate access and support to patients who are in need.

About HiMS

Health Information Management Systems (HiMS) is a national company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona that designs Electronic Health Records (EHR) software that transforms the integrated health care experience. HiMS creates innovative solutions that lead to better outcomes, lower costs and higher-quality care. The company sets itself apart from its competitors by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to improve data discovery and extraction and personalize treatment recommendations. More information is available at

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