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More productive. More profitable. Better outcomes.

Transform your integrated health care practice – one user at a time. Axiom’s progress note-centric design creates greater efficiencies. Avoid undercoding with our intuitive coding recommendation feature. Clinical decision support tools and analytics monitor monthly stats.

make the most ofyour Analytics with Axiom EHR


Axiom’s health intelligence and decision support provide practitioners with the ability to parse and organize data to enable an effective way to diagnose disease. Greater analytics abilities can also lead to sizable cost savings.

  • Analyze data for care trends
  • Assess costs and benefits associated with value-based payments
  • Track KPI's
  • Identify patients not adhering to screenings
  • Identify readmission risks
  • Get patient scores, updates and intervention alerts
  • Identify the most actionable opportunities with the largest financial and clinical impact
  • Initiate preventive care outreach when needed

Drag-And-Drop Dynamic Form Creation

Put the world of form customization right at your fingertips. Create forms from scratch in no time. No coding required & design ready-to-use professional forms.

Medical Billing

Get paid faster with Axiom’s Medical Billing. Maximize revenue potential with easy scheduling tools that save time and speed up payment cycles so you can get faster, cleaner claims submissions. Decrease coding errors with built-in alerts and required fields.


Medications linked to chronic conditions can be tracked over time. Pop-up alerts tell providers if patients have been doing well on their medications, enhancing patient safety. Providers can keep costs down by prescribing generic medications and tracking them.


Interoperability is the foundation of successful value-based care programs and is a strategy to reduce health care costs while improving outcomes.Axiom supports the exchange of clinical information across different care settings.

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  • Strong Analytics
  • Drag-n-Drop Dynamic Form Creator
  • ePrescribing
  • Interoperability
  • AI-Enabled Solutions
  • More Productive
  • More Profitable
  • Better Outcomes