Who We

Taking Integrated Health Care to New Heights

Mission Statement:

Transforming the integrated health care experience - one user at a time.

Axiom EHR

Core Values:

We Listen to Our Customers

HiMS employs a participatory design process focused on incorporating the feedback of our end-users into our HiMS software product. From coding, testing and staging to final production status, we are continually involved in a hands-on approach that involves carefully listening to our customers' needs and designing a product based upon collaborative input.

We Get It Done

The average timeframe for an HiMS software implementation is 60 days, far less than our average competitor. We are committed to get you up and running quickly to enable a faster ROI, and to facilitate timely billing processes and optimal workflows.

We're Excited About What We Do

Our team of experts are passionate about harnessing the power of health care technology to create innovative solutions leading to better outcomes, lower costs and high-quality care.

We Make It Better

Listening to our customers enables us to present solutions that enable clinical, medical and case management staff do their jobs in the most effective manner possible. Productivity targets are met/exceeded, and our customers are able to see more clients.

We Have Fun

We balance hard work with team-building exercises, volunteering in the community to support various behavioral health initiatives and an annual retreat to set the year’s goals.


How We Began

Many great software stories start with a garage, the spark of an innovative idea and a huge dose of intense focus and determination. Items that we take for granted today started as "crazy ideas" which eventually evolved into tools we use each day, such as a cell phone, the PC, search engine and social media platform. The inventive entrepreneurs of the iPhone, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Twitter all reached for the sky and dreamed big. HiMS's story began in the basement of a 100-year-old building in downtown Tucson and fast-forwards to today with two locations in Tucson and Phoenix and a multi-state customer presence.

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  • Strong Analytics
  • Drag-n-Drop Dynamic Form Creator
  • ePrescribing
  • Interoperability
  • AI-Enabled Solutions
  • More Productive
  • More Profitable
  • Better Outcomes