MedTech Breakthrough 2022-HiMS


Best Electronic Health Record Solution

Axiom, the company’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) EHR platform, and AxiaGram, its all-in-one mobile communications app, were selected for their ease of use, innovative features, best-in-class customer service and flexibility.

Trusted by providers
like you

Trusted by providers
like you

Introducing Axiom
The leading AI-enabled integrated
health care EHR platform

EHR Software




Rapid Response Center

Value-Based Care

Partner Program

Client Referral


Innovative technology

It takes a sea change to undo the fee-for-service environment that we’re all used to functioning under. HiMS is driven by the desire to help providers and patients alike with our solutions to address population health, the experience of care and per-capita costs.

We seek to enhance these three dimensions of the Triple Aim of health care via our development of an EHR platform which provides measurable ways to transform the way care is delivered.


Efficient and reduced billing times

HiMS is uniquely customizable to fit your workflow needs


Get WELL connected with HiMS cHealth

Lower costs with patient-centric technology solutions


Translate data into actionable insights

Enhance care quality, improve outcomes and lower costs

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Organized & productive


Staying profitable in the era of value-based care

Are you ready to improve your EHR experience?


Enhance Productivity

A progress note-centric design creates greater efficiencies

Increase Profits

Avoid undercoding with Axiom’s intuitive coding recommendation feature

Improve Outcomes

Clinical decision support tools and analytics monitor monthly stats

Trusted Performance

Combined with the power of AI, new hardware and the best support, Axiom loads quickly

Automate Workflows

With artificial intelligence, companies can streamline their workflow

Reduce Costs

Free up your employees’ time for higher-level tasks and lead your organization through uncertain times

Patient Support

Monitor and respond to patient health needs

Mobile Friendly

Our mobile EHR goes anywhere you go

100% UP TIME FOR 2021

Record-Breaking Uptime

No more clunky legacy solutions that may or may not be working on a day-to-day basis. Combined with the power of AI, new hardware and the best customer support, Axiom loads faster than ever.


Average Page Speed 1.85 Seconds


30 Minute Customer Response Time


Page Load Errors


Arizona’s Most Admired Companies

An innovator in EHR software for behavioral health care providers, HiMS was named among by AZ Business magazine and BestCompaniesAZ. HiMS was recognized for its excellence in workplace culture, leadership, social responsibility and customer opinion.

MedTech Breakthrough 2022-HiMS
Man at whiteboard with marker in front of two open laptops


Transforming integrated healthcare

We are a strategically-thinking group of software experts who are passionate about harnessing the power of technology to create value-based care tools for integrated health care providers.

We see problems as solutions waiting to happen, and the issues we solve with our innovative approaches for our customers in product development makes the delivery of health care nothing short of extraordinary.

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