HiMS Software

Taking Integrated Health Care to New Heights

More productive. More profitable. Better outcomes.


A progress note-centric design creates greater efficiencies


Avoid undercoding with HiMS’s intuitive coding recommendation feature


Clinical decision support tools and analytics monitor monthly stats

Some Noteworthy Innovations From HiMS

  • The HiMS FasTrac Guarantee

    Get a standard setup and implementation in 60 days upon contract signing or your money back

  • Improve efficiency and reduce billing times

    HiMS is uniquely customizable to fit your workflow needs

  • Translate your data into actionable insights

    Enhance care quality, improve outcomes and lower costs

  • Get WELL connected – with HiMS cHealth

    Lower costs with patient-centric technology solutions

  • HiMS’s Mobile Suite

    Our mobile EHR goes anywhere you go

  • MyHealtheHome Patient Portal

    Monitor and respond to patient health needs


HiMS’s health intelligence and decision support provide practitioners with the ability to parse and organize data to enable an effective way to diagnose disease. Greater analytics abilities lead to sizablecost savings.

  • Analyze data for care trends
  • Assess costs and benefits associated with value-based payments
  • Track KPIs
  • Identify patients not adhering to screenings
  • Identify readmission risks
  • Get patient scores, updates and intervention alerts
  • Identify the most actionable opportunities with the largest financial and clinical impact
  • Initiate preventive care outreach when needed

Drag-and-Drop Dynamic Form Creation

Put the world of form customization right at your fingertips

  • Create forms from scratch in no time
  • No coding required
  • Design ready-to- use professional forms


Interoperability is the foundation of successful value-based care programs and is a strategy to reduce health care costs while improving outcomes.
HiMS supports the exchange of clinical information across different care settings. Our solution can:

  • Increase performance for CMS reimbursements
  • Securely exchange data and analysis between payers, providers, labs and hospitals
  • Improve care
  • Reduce redundant tests, lab administration costs
  • Save time handling chart requests and referrals
  • Reduce fragmentation of care
  • Increase continuity of care
  • Create and manage groups for secure messaging
  • Generate Continuity of Care Documents provided to other practitioners

Clinicians Can

Check lab results, order labs and medication, review past notes for therapists or PCPs from your Progress Note

Benefit from time-saving features minimize keystrokes/clicks to help you maximize patient appointment time

Enter additional information for care coordination teams in comment fields for multiple reports


Condition Tracking

Medications linked to chronic conditions can be tracked over time. Pop-up alerts tell providers if patients have been
doing well on their medications, enhancing patient safety.

Reduce Costs

Providers can keep costs down by prescribing generic medications and tracking them.


HiMS’s ePrescribing functionality electronically sends accurate, error-free and understandable
information directly to pharmacies. An intuitive Step-Wizard allows
providers to make medication selections and perform searches for specific medications, saving time.

Medical Billing

Get paid faster with HiMS’s Medical Billing

  • Maximize revenue potential
  • Easy scheduling tools
  • Save time and speed up payment cycles
  • Get faster, cleaner claims submissions
  • Decrease coding errors with built-in alerts and required fields
  • Create and edit insurance claims forms through a graphical interface
  • Reduce the number of days in A/R

Prevent Denials

90% of claim denials are preventable

  • A 5% to 10% denial rate is the industry average
  • 30% of claims are denied or ignored on first submission
  • 65% of denied claims remain unresolved
  • An estimated average of 7–11% are underpayments
  • The average cost/denial can run between $25 and $30 each for rework and resubmission
  • Cost per physician per year (time spent interacting with payors): $68,000
  • Medicare denies an average of 5% of claims
  • Medicaid denies an average of 3-1/2% to 5% of claims

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